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  1. Nice, entertaining Blog and what cute girls you have! You commented on a sleep sack tutorial at craftster.org. "...if you skip the buckles and just make the neck opening big enough to fit them in, and then sew in a generous chunk of soft knit ribbing, you can pop them in before they see you coming and then the ribbing keeps them snug as a bug in a ... sac! haha. (i also put ribbing in the armholes..." Could you do a tutorial on how you do that? I do charity sewing for new moms in South Dakota. Their heating situation is spotty, so I would like to ensure I'm doing all I can to make that sack toasty warm and SNUG! Polar fleece is definitely the way to go in this situation. If you could do a tute on your sleep sack I would be very grateful! Keep up the good work. I'll be watching your blog entries for sure now since you have given me LOTS of great ideas for upcycling to reduce costs while still providing something super cute and useful. I really appreciate that!


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