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Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh, I’m sorry, did you think you’d get crochet videos?


You guys. The month I’ve had. Credit card theft, three tooth extractions, chicken pox, a mysterious malady for Olivia that we will call Grumpy Sad Baby Sleeps All Day And Cries All Night (I don’t know why they don’t call me to name diseases) and all sorts of other stuff. I begin to suspect I have bad karma for not doing anything I’ve sworn I’d do. Except I don’t believe in karma, and besides, I hear the world is ending tomorrow anyways, so who cares? I think you should fill your last moments with these videos. Scattered among My Kids Are Cute And I Can And Do Watch Them All Day And So Should You videos I have something somewhat useful, a little tip on topstitching straight. Don’t ask why I’m topstitching on top of the ruffle side, there’s a good reason and it was on purpose and technically it didn’t need to be perfectly straight but I have issues/OCD/issues.

Its highly possible that everyone but me was already doing this and I’m just really late to the party. BUT I WAS PRETTY DANG PROUD OF MY OWN GOOD SELF when I finally figured this one out. Please excuse that I cannot think and talk at the same time. Too hard.


lololol messy house whatwhaaat. Nicole likes to put her blanket and pillow on the couch. Every day. We don’t know why.


We No Speak Oliviano. If you’ve heard this song, it’s like BOP BOP AMERICANO and that’s about it. We adapt it for Olivia and she dances on demand. She can’t help it. Deadpan always turns into smiles and flails. (edit: OK so after I published this post I played the videos and she’s beside me in the excersaucer and she started dancing and flailing to it. Works every time. lol.)


We will call this the Babycam. This is what happens when I wear Olivia. I wear Olivia to prevent destruction of my home and sanity, although she’s getting pretty good about being in the pack and play. Playpen. Babycage. Whatever you want to call it.

I’m getting help soon. No, not that kind. The kind where somebody watches my kids for a bit while I get some stuff done, like listing a kazillion things on etsy and making crochet videos.

I enlist your help now, yes? I got my free ipod touch from reward miles (YAY I LOVE IT. My blackberry feels like its vintage and/or obsolete in comparison) and I have this playlist called Kids and it’s mostly Little Peoples music which is ok sometimes but not all the times. I have another playlist called Oh Happy Day which is adult songs that are ok for kids. Like no “DAMN YOU A SEXY CHIIIICK”, comprendez? I would love to hear suggestions of songs that are upbeat and nonsexual! There can be like references to going back to my place or whatever, but nothing I’d be mortified for my kid to sing. Because she was all like “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, because you’re amaaaaazing, just the way you are!” and I was like awww and then she was like “RAAA MAA RA-HA-HAAA-AAAAH, GAA GAA OOH LA LAAA-AAA” and then we started listening to Little Peoples all the time.


  1. Probably totally not appropriate, but my kids both go nuts for Katy Perry California Gurls. Even my lil 13mos old gets his butt a poppin. idk?

  2. My niece goes crazy to Shakira's Waka Waka - such a fun song.


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